Drug Trafficking in Marietta

Intent to Distribute Drugs

Have you been arrested for drug trafficking? This is a serious offense that needs to be addressed as soon as possible by a dedicated Marietta criminal defense attorney. Drug trafficking is a form of highly illegal drug trading that involves organized crimes and black market. The majority of the drugs that are obtained through trafficking often illegally cross borders and end up in the hands of criminals whose sole intent is the sale of these narcotics. Georgia has very strict laws against drug use, possession and trafficking and if you are found possessing any illegal substance with intent to distribute, you may be charged with drug trafficking.

If you are convicted of trafficking, there are a set of minimum penalties that every convicted individual must face. These penalties are overseen by the federal government and if you are found guilty you will face prison time, fines and probation. If the prosecution has enough evidence to determine that you were in possession of substance that you were intending to sell, you could have your charges elevated to a higher offense as well. It is imperative that you work with an attorney right away if you have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Marietta.

Defense for Trafficking Charges

Although you may be feeling anxious about the outcome of your case, you can rest assured that by working with The Merchant Law Firm, you may be able to retain a favorable outcome for your criminal case. At our firm, we will thoroughly investigate every aspect of the crime and ensure that your rights were not infringed upon during the arrest or search of your property. Any evidence that is found to be obtained in an illegal manner, through unlawful searches and seizures or unlawful detention and arrest, will be challenged by our team. We know exactly what to look for in the prosecution's case and we are not afraid to aggressively pursue your defense!

The Merchant Law Firm – Marietta Criminal Attorney Dedicated to Your Defense

When you work with The Merchant Law Firm, you will be working with attorneys who have years of experience in criminal law and fully understand the ins and outs of criminal defense. We have assisted numerous clients in obtaining favorable resolutions to their cases and we may be able to assist you as well. No case is too big or too small for our team to handle and with the guidance of a trusted and highly experienced Marietta criminal defense lawyer, you may have your penalties greatly reduced or dropped. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our firm today and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.