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Has your child been arrested and charged with a crime?

Every parent feels the responsibility and desire to protect their children from harm of any kind. Therefore, discovering that your child has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense can be an overwhelming experience. Criminal allegations can be devastating and can diminish a great deal of your child's hopes and dreams, especially at times when he or she may soon be able to pursue new opportunities in their life. If you are a parent in this situation, the experienced and compassionate Marietta criminal defense attorneys from The Merchant Law Firm are the best choice to defend against your child's charges.

Juvenile Defense Cases We Handle

Choosing the right attorney for your child's case can be the wisest decision you make. The Merchant Law Firm has spent nearly two decades representing juveniles who have been charged with a variety of crimes. We are capable of defending against any allegation you or your child may be facing, including:

While the type of allegation your child faces can affect the ways in which they are prosecuted and penalized, any penalties they might experience can have a significant impact on their future. Employers will be hesitant to trust a juvenile with a criminal record and will be very hesitant to place them in a higher position of authority or responsibility. They may even refuse to hire them, at all. Additionally, there are a variety of circumstances that can result in harsher punishments, including the inability to expunge a conviction after the age of 18 and the possibility that your child may be prosecuted as an adult.

Only the severest of cases may result in an adult trial for a juvenile offender. Children and youth have suffered full criminal sentencing for grievous offenses in the past, such as murder in the first degree or aggravated manslaughter. Most cases result in residential rehabilitation or probation, but some cases may land your child in jail or state prison. No matter what you do, be sure to hire a competent defense attorney to fight their charges!

You can be confident that the legal team at the Merchant Law Firm is well-versed in criminal defense and that we have the flexibility and legal skills to defend against nearly any type of criminal allegation. Although our skills and abilities are precisely what you need, our genuine support and commitment to your child's future is what you deserve during these difficult times!

Marietta Criminal Lawyer Fighting for Your Child's Future

At The Merchant Law Firm, we are devoted to protecting the rights and the futures of juveniles who have been charged with criminal allegations. Fully understanding the severity of these cases, we go the extra mile to support the families we serve and to fight without abandon to obtain the most favorable results possible. We represent clients throughout Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Acworth, and Dunwoody, and we encourage all families to schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about the ways in which we can help. As a small, person-driven firm, we truly care about each of our clients. For personalized attention and guidance you deserve, contact The Merchant Law Firm today!