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Murder involves what is called malice aforethought which means that it was somewhat intentional as opposed to manslaughter which is the unlawful killing of another person without direct intention or attempt. Essentially manslaughter could be considered an accident when murder is not. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human with malice aforethought. Due to the enormous grief inflicted upon the family members and other loved ones of the murder victim, this crime is considered very serious.

If you have been charged with murder then it is absolutely crucial to your future that you have the skillful and experienced assistance of a Marietta criminal defense attorney from The Merchant Law Firm on your side. If you are convicted of murder then there only two possibilities for the penalty: life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty. The state of Georgia has very little tolerance for those who are convicted of murder, whether the convict actually committed the crime or not.

Georgia Homicide Offenses and Penalties

The particular circumstances surrounding your charge can impact the type of offense for which you are charged. While malice aforethought is an essential element used to prosecute defendants for murder, Georgia Code § 16-5-1 also allows for prosecutors to charge defendants with murder when the death of another human is caused during the commission of a felony, even if malice is not involved. Another related homicide charge defendants may face is assisting in the commission of suicide. Under § 16-5-5 of the Georgia Code, this charge can be prosecuted when a person has direct involvement or participation in the act of suicide of another.

Merely offering to assist in suicide is also a serious offence, punishable by a felony conviction and imprisonment for not less than one year in prison and nor more than five years. The willful commission of this offense, particularly when fraudulent or deceptive practices are involved, can result in heightened penalties, including increased prison sentences of a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years.

Homicide is one of the most serious criminal allegations a person can face. In Georgia, the court system is notorious for hostility towards alleged offenders, and prosecutors fight relentlessly to gain convictions and the maximum penalties. If convicted, a homicide charge, or any related offenses, can forever change the scope of your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Even if alleged offenders are fully innocent of these charges, it would be a severe mistake to allow cases to run their course without the assistance of proven and passionate Marietta criminal defense lawyers from The Merchant Law Firm. Allow our legal team to support you and your family through these difficult times, fight for your freedom and your future, and provide yourself with a stronger chance of having these charges dismissed or reduced as much as possible.

Murder Attorney Serving Marietta, Georgia

There are many cases where individuals are charged and convicted of crimes that they did not commit. Murder charges are no exception. For this reason you must have the best of the best criminal defense attorney on your side in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome of your case in court. We will be able to provide you with this representation. Our firm has handled numerous murder cases in the past and we have a long history of success in the cases that we handle. It is vitally important that you employ our legal services immediately to begin the process of building a case that will maximize your chances of a favorable outcome of your case in court.

If you are facing murder charges, contact a Marietta murder lawyer from the Merchant Law Firm for legal defense of your case today.