Grand Theft Charges in Marietta

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You can be charged with theft in the state of Georgia if you take property illegally from an individual without their consent or by force or fear. Grand theft can be charged to an individual if the property that was taken exceeds the value of $500. These offenses are very serious and depending on the nature of the crime and how and what was stolen, you may be facing up to ten years in prison, restitution, fines and probation. If you or a loved one has been arrested for any theft crime, specifically for grand theft, it is imperative that you contact an attorney from The Merchant Law Firm as soon as possible and retain the legal counsel that you deserve. You may be charged with grand theft if you have been arrested for:

This form of theft is commonly known as grand theft auto. If you use fear, cause bodily harm, force or murder someone in an attempt to steal a car, you will be charged with carjacking.

Illegally altering the price on good, taking the good by concealing it, knowingly paying less than the advertised price or transferring money or merchandise from a retail store could have you facing shoplifting charges.

Robbery can be charged to an individual if they have illegally taken another person's property by use of force or intimidation and gave the victim valid reason to believe that they could inflict serious bodily harm or death upon them.

Theft by Deception
Under Georgia law, theft by deception may be charged to an individual if they knowingly committed fraud, embezzled money or deceived a person into giving them money in a scam (see White Collar Crimes).

Theft by Taking
Simply walking away with another person's property can be charged as a theft crime. If the property's value was more than $500, this form of theft can be charged as a grand theft.

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