Shoplifting Defense Attorney in Marietta, GA

Facing allegations for retail theft?

Shoplifting is one of the most commonly prosecuted theft crimes, affecting individuals of all types and from all walks of life. Having represented numerous clients who have been charged with retail theft, our team of Marietta criminal defense attorneys have realized that there are a variety of reasons why innocent people can be charged for crimes they did not commit, or for crimes they had no intention to commit. While these charges can seem overwhelming and intimidating, the American judicial system provides all defendants with the opportunity to clear their names and prove their innocence. At The Merchant Law Firm, our legal team is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the legal system and we work tirelessly to defend against these allegations.

With nearly two decades of experience, our lawyers have handled a wide variety of shoplifting cases. If you or your loved one is currently facing allegations for shoplifting, it is essential that you understand what this charge means and the different types of offenses and penalties involved. Generally, Georgia Code § 16-8-14 defines shoplifting as the theft, committed with intent, to take merchandise without paying by:

  • Concealing or taking possession of merchandise of any store or retail establishment
  • Altering price tags or price markings
  • Transferring merchandise from one container to another
  • Interchanging the label or price tag from one item or another
  • Wrongfully causing the amount paid to be less than the stated price

Penalties will be based on the value of merchandise and on your prior criminal record. For example, first offense convictions can be prosecuted as misdemeanors when the merchandise is valued at less than $300 and felonies when the merchandise is valued at more than $300. There are also enhanced penalties for second, third and fourth convictions, which include larger fines, felony convictions and terms of imprisonment.

Handling Your Case on a Personal Basis

As there are a number of unique circumstances that can affect the type of shoplifting charge and potential penalties you face, it is absolutely essential that you work with attorneys who devote their personal attention to your case and your needs. At The Merchant Law Firm, client-focused service has become the backbone of our practice and we work all cases using individualized attention and problem solving, rather than a one-size-fits-all formula. This can provide our legal team with the opportunity to work with prosecutors to have your charges dropped to reduce offenses and penalties significantly.

Whatever your unique case may be, you can trust in our abilities to deliver the personal attention you need and deserve. Contact The Merchant Law Firm today!