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Facing criminal charges in Acworth, Georgia?

At The Merchant Law Firm we are a criminal defense law firm and we understand that you may be facing some very harsh accusations and you may be under a lot of stress and confusion as to what the best action for you to take is. If you are facing criminal charges then you could endure some very serious penalties for conviction of this charge. Whether you actually committed the crime for which you are charged or not does not matter to a prosecuting attorney. They have a job to do, and their job is to obtain a conviction for your criminal charges.

If you find yourself in this situation then you can be sure that an Acworth criminal defense attorney from The Merchant Law Firm will be able to assist you through exuberant representation of your case and a comprehensive defense of this case. We will take the time to fully understand you and your needs as they pertain to your current criminal charges. We will build a litigation strategy that will aggressively fight for your rights and we will specifically tailor this strategy in order to fight for your goals and desires regarding the outcome of your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Acworth, Georgia

Our firm is intent on providing excellent service for all of our clients; our legal team has over 18 years of experience in serving the criminally accused individuals of the northern Georgia area. If you have been charged with some sort of criminal activity then do not hesitate to employ our legal services. Our firm works with our clients on a close and personal basis in order to ensure that they receive the information and advice that they need. Let us put our experience to work for you in the situation that you currently face. We have handled numerous cases involving sex crimes, kidnapping and many others. Our firm understands that there are many cases where individuals are wrongly accused of crimes that they did not commit. If you work with our firm you will be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

The penalties for conviction of a crime such as assault or battery could be very serious; you could face prison time and hefty fines. If you have been charged with murder then do not hesitate to contact our firm, we have handled numerous death penalty cases in the past and we will be able to assist you in yours. DUI can be a very serious criminal act if you are convicted as you could lose your commercial license and be unable to find further work in this area. Do not hesitate to retain our legal services in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome of your case today.

Contact an Acworth criminal defense lawyer from the Merchant Law Firm to discuss your case and how we may help you today.

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