When it comes to our past involvement with criminal defense cases, you can depend on the past 18 years of experience we have had in the field. It is our top goal to provide you with the best quality service and dedication that we can give you during this difficult time. Our attorneys have had an excellent track record, receiving many positive results for our clients. We understand that you have many options when it comes to attorneys that specialize in criminal defense. What sets us apart is the fact that we treat you as part of the family when you come to us for help. Never will we abandon your case because it is complicated or difficult. Past clients have walked away extremely satisfied with their results and have given us high praise for our commitment to their situation.

Read the testimonials left by previous, happy clients:

"I just wanted to thank you for everything. Your services were superb and I can't thank you enough for the consistency in communication. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney with an outstanding attitude towards things. I will definitely be providing great reviews as well as referring anyone who may ever need help in this area of problems. I hope to not need your services every again, but if I do, I know where to go! I hope you take care and wish you well with the future."

"Ashleigh helped me avoid a lengthy jail sentence when I was arrested for 2 DUI's within 10 days. Normally I would have gone to jail or had to DUI court but she successfully avoided both."

"I was charged with both felonies and misdemeanors and Ashleigh was able to get all the felonies dismissed."

"Everyone at the Merchant Law Firm are so easy to talk to and they always answer my questions and return my calls. If they are busy they always find time to respond to me and make me feel like my case is important to them."

"I was only charged with minor offenses but Ms. Merchant always made me feel like my case was a priority for her and she handled everything for me."

"Both Jennifer and Ashleigh were always there to listen to my concerns and genuinely cared about my son and his case. They were very easy to work with and also were very willing to work with me on a payment plan."

"I was so scared when I went to Court but Ms. Merchant was fierce when she argued my case and I knew she had my back. I was not scared once I saw how she was fighting for me."

"Ashleigh was so good in Court. She tore the witnesses apart and brought out all their lies for everyone in the courtroom to see."

"Ashleigh is a top appeal attorney. It was so clear to me how good she was compared to my trial attorney. If I had her on my side during trial I don't think I would have needed an appeal attorney because I would never have been convicted."

"Sending a BIG THANK YOU to you Ashleigh for all your help and support in getting my husband/family life back on track. Although this has been a long journey for us you have guided us to the end of the tunnel where the light shines so bright. Thank you for all you hard work, dedication, and efforts in doing your job so well."

"Ashleigh recently represented me when a public figure that I discussed on my blog tried to take out a TPO against me in order to silence my blog. She handled my case for a reasonable fixed price that we agreed upon upfront and the frivolous filing was thrown out by the judge. Ashleigh is very easy to talk to and compassionate and treats you like a personal friend. She is highly regarded among her peers for her legal knowledge and expertise. If you find yourself in an unexpected legal situation, I highly recommend her!"