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Yung Vito Sentence Overturned

In February of 2014, the Atlanta-based rapper known as Yung Vito (Vinson Hardimon) was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison after he was found guilty in the slaying of another rapper, Slim Dunkin (Mario Hamilton). The tragic incident stemmed out of an argument over a piece of candy, and swiftly escalated into a fatal shooting. The verdict was the cause of widespread outcry on the part of Yung Vito's family, friends and fans, but that verdict has recently been overturned. The judge in the case has ordered a new trial, as reported today by Hip Hop Enquirer. Ashleigh Merchant is representing Mr. Hardimon, and she was quoted in the Enquirer story as saying that she was excited about the court's decision. Watch the video below to see Ashleigh in action arguing the case before the judge: