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Marietta Traffic Ticket Attorney

You Don't Have to Pay Your Ticket!

It might sound crazy, but those who are issued traffic violations are not obligated to pay their traffic tickets. If you obtain the help of a defense attorney, you can actually fight your ticket. Most people are under the false assumption that paying for their moving violation or parking ticket means that it will go away. Actually, paying your traffic ticket is like admitting fault in the situation. If you refuse to pay your traffic ticket, but instead obtain the help of an attorney, you could get your traffic ticket permanently wiped off of your record.

Flashing lights in your rearview mirror is something that no one wants to see. In many cases, those who are pulled over and ticketed or are issued a red light camera ticket may not have even deserved it. You have the best chances of fighting your ticket with an experienced attorney on your side. What our firm can do is obtain the evidence necessary to defend you against your ticket. Obtaining expert evidence is crucial in getting your ticket dropped. It is difficult to prove that a traffic delineator, road sign or road condition was faulty without an experienced advocate on your side.

Consider the Consequences

At The Merchant Law Firm, we understand that many prospective clients may feel hesitant about retaining legal assistance during their traffic ticket case. Perhaps you may feel that there is simply nothing that can be done, or you might feel as though the consequences are insignificant and do not matter. The truth is that both of these beliefs are false. When weighing your options, it is important to consider the consequences you face should you resign yourself to doing nothing about your traffic ticket.

Among the the most concerning consequences you face should you not do anything about your traffic ticket are the costs. Aside from the actual costs of the ticket itself, you may also be subjected to additional fines, fees and collateral costs. These can include the costs of traffic safety courses and increased insurance premiums. Over time, these costs can add up and significantly impact your financial well-being.

There are also other consequences you may face, including points on your driver's license. Should you accumulate more points in the future, you risk severe insurance premium increases, as well as possible restrictions, suspensions and revocations to your license. While the consequences you face may not impact your life at once or immediately, they can contribute to ongoing costs and future negative repercussions.

The fact remains that these consequences can be avoided and that traffic tickets can be beat with the assistance of experienced Marietta criminal defense attorneys. For nearly a decade, our legal team has handled countless traffic ticket cases, ranging from minor infractions to serious moving violations and multiple citations. With the skills and strategies we have accumulated throughout these years, there is nothing our firm can't handle when it comes to traffic cases. We encourage anyone who may be interested in retaining legal aid to meet with a member of our legal team to learn more about what we can do for you.

Ticketed? Contact a Marietta criminal attorney!

If you were issued a traffic ticket that you want to fight against, then obtain the help of a firm with more than 18 years of experience doing so. When you contact The Merchant Law Firm, you will be connected with a highly qualified lawyer who can advise you on your case. Don't let a traffic ticket leave a permanent mark on your driving record! This has the potential to cause your insurance rates to skyrocket and leave you paying out of pocket for your ticket.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Contact us immediately and contest your traffic offense!

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