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Atlanta Police Refuse to Release Threats Against Mayor Kasim Reed

Atlant's Mayor Kasim Reed has found himself at the center of controversy over his use of emergency lights to escape the city's traffic. Atlanta's Police Chief has defended the Mayor's use of lights by stating that he is in constant danger, citing thousands of threats received by his office. Now, the public is asking for the Police Chief to make those records open, but the Police Chief has refused to do so based on the state's open records law, which allow officials to hide records related to pending investigations.

Marietta criminal defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant of The Merchant Law Firm has offered her professional opinion on the matter, stating the there is no way that all the cases can be open, especially since there is no imminent prosecution on those threats.

The Georgia Supreme Court agrees with Attorney Merchant, ruling that the government cannot keep records open indefinitely and withhold reports from the public.

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