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Man Convicted of Son's Death After Leaving Child in SUV

On Monday, November 14, Justin Ross Harris, who was accused of killing his 22-month old son by leaving him in an SUV, was found guilty of murder. Prosecutors presented a case built on incriminating evidence against Harris, including his calm demeanor while speaking to police and a series of texts to a female stranger where Harris expressed his desire to "escape" with the woman. Prosecutors also suspected that Harris had premeditated the killing of his son for some time.

Marietta criminal defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant of The Merchant Law Firm has been following the trial closely and believes that the evidence presented by the prosecutors was not convincing enough. She claims that the prosecutor's evidence focused too much on how they expected Harris to act following his son's death, and that there was never a clear explanation on why he acted that way.

The jury found Harris guilty on all 8 counts of murder and will be facing a maximum sentence of life in prison, without parole.

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