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Attorney Ashleigh Merchant Comments on Gwinnett County Murder Case

A 33-year-old mother of four allegedly stabbed her husband and four children to death in Gwinnett County, and has now revealed to the judge that she doesn't want a lawyer. Smiling for the cameras and seemingly making no sense, she was advised by the judge to think long and hard about whether she is really sure she wants to waive her rights to an attorney. Isabel Martinez exhibited incredibly erratic behavior as she rambled on about various topics, flashing a thumbs-up for those watching. An illegal immigrant, her case is layered with complications due to her mental state, immigration status, and much more.

Attorney Ashleigh Merchant weighed in on the situation, stating: "If she's not competent to stand trial, (the state) will try very hard to make her competent." Attorney Merchant believes it will ultimately come down to one simple fact: whether Martinez is of sound mind, and truly understands right from wrong. Martinez will be evaluated by forensic psychiatrists in order to conclude whether she is fit to be put to trial. Attorney Merchant's contribution to this case was thanks to her prior experience as a former Cobb County prosecutor, making her a respected consultant in regards to this case.

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