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What Would You Do? When Lawyers Ask to Leave

Recently, a controversial question gripped the legal realm: as a criminal defense attorney, would you leave the courtroom if you absolutely had to use the restroom? This was the dilemma a public defender faced, as she had an accident in the courtroom after a DeKalb County judge allegedly denied her the right to leave. As a result, she was left with no choice but to have an accident--a humiliating and stressful experience for any professional to endure.

This uncomfortable dilemma plagued public defender Jan Hankins, as she claims she asked Chief Judge Courtney Johnson permission to leave the courtroom in the middle of a trial. However, according to the judge, there was a sincere miscommunication--resulting in Hankins having an accident at the defense table during the murder trial.

Some attorneys claim they would run out of the courtroom to avoid such embarrassment. However, others feel it would be abandoning your client just when he or she needs you most. Our very own Attorney Ashleigh Merchant was asked to comment on the matter to, in which she stated the following: "You don't leave your client alone in court without a lawyer. A witness could say or do something and you wouldn't be there to object or hear what the testimony was." She also commented on the distracting nature of this incident, stating: "There's a reason why this shouldn't be happening. Everyone is supposed to be focusing on the testimony and the evidence being presented in court."

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